Welcome to Eat Right Racine

Thanks for stopping. Sit a spell. Let’s chat.

If you poke around at some of the pages, you’ll see what Eat Right Racine (or ERR for short) is about.

We’re two Moms and a teacher who know that the kids in this town must and deserve to eat better. We’ve decided that we want to make that happen.

We need your help to do it. In order for us to make such big changes, we’re counting on your help to get involved. If you have a talent, a skill, or even just an interest in seeing improvements in the eating habits of Racine’s youth, we want you.

So please– bookmark us, email us, or comment here. Our public meetings will be posted here, and we hope you’ll join us!


2 responses to “Welcome to Eat Right Racine

  1. Carina Tennessen

    This is a great group!
    I’m going to look into applying for the green youth job grant program through the Workforce Development Center. I would like to start a group of 10-15 students as a ‘garden group’. The group will be based out of the Park HS garden, but I would like to see them travel to other community gardens in Racine too. This way they can get in a 20 hour work week. Right now I’m just sorting out ideas, but the application has to be in by May 11. If anyone has suggestions or is interested in helping out, please let me know. I would like to get at least one other supervisor.


  2. Check out the article on Urban Gardening. (above) Someone from Growing Power is coming to D.P. Wiggly and talking about this. Sign up and check it out!!
    also, check out our “Events” page. save the date…May 14th. @ 5:30

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