Eat Right Racine would like to initiate a book club to read, review, and discuss non-fiction books about food, cooking, agriculture, food systems, etc. We are seeking a volunteer to serve as our book club facilitator for at least a 12 month commitment.

Book Club Facilitator Duties Include:

  • Book club promotions and member recruitment
  • Manage book club calendar and set recurring discussion dates.
  • Book selection (We have established a book list to date available as a resource).
  • Facilitate monthly or bi-monthly discussion meetings (frequency will be determined by the members of the book club).
  • Organize adjunct activities or field trips as discussed by collective book club group

The anticipated time commitment is a minimum of three hours per month but may include additional time as the volunteer shapes the job. Eat Right Racine is accepting nominations for the position of Volunteer Book Club Facilitator through November 30th, 2009 with an anticipated start-up date of January 2010. Let us know that you’re interested by contacting us at eatrightracine@gmail.com


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