A Personal Message from Will Allen of Growing Power

I would like to express my regrets to the many members of the public who attended a screening of the film “Fresh” last week expecting to hear a few words of inspiration from me afterwards. I faced a serious flare up of chronically recurring sports injuries from my collegiate and professional basketball career and was pretty much incapacitated. While we worked hard to find a qualified replacement for me from Growing Power, as well as to contact Eat Right Racine over the phone, the late nature of the mishap prevented a timely connection. Instead, I would like to extend an invitation to all of those who purchased tickets to last week’s event to visit us for a free tour of Growing Power. We will waive our fee for ticketholders at any regular public tour, available daily at 1 p.m. All of us at Growing Power support every community initiative to promote better access to better food, including those excellent efforts going on in Racine to spread the Good Food Revolution. I hope that all of you enjoyed watching “Fresh” and that its message helped to spur your passion for good food.


3 responses to “A Personal Message from Will Allen of Growing Power

  1. Class act Will. I will be visiting for sure. However I gladly will pay the entrance fee…. it is certainly for a good cause!! 🙂 Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Thanks for your understanding Lisa. I hope you enjoyed the movie and I hope you make it up to growing power.

  3. things happen and we understand. It is grately appreciated that you would compensate those that attended. I was one that was greatly inspired to continue on the beginning of my journey in understanding and helping to promote a healthier lifestyle to all those interested. I hope you are in better health. I hope to see you in the near future in accepting your invitation.

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