Announcing: Plans for a fresh & natural food co-op in Racine are well underway.

A group of private citizens initiated this effort and have worked, along with Eat Right Racine, to develop a mission for their work. Early visioning has identified several key principles: as much food as possible will be sourced locally; the grocery store will be member-owned but open to the public and will offer a quality shopping experience for all consumers. Soon, the group will invite the public to special meetings to continue vision planning by the same community that will soon own the market. Please help spread the word by looking for this group on facebook and sharing it with your friends. You’ll find it under A fresh & natural food co-op in Racine?


9 responses to “Announcing: Plans for a fresh & natural food co-op in Racine are well underway.

  1. Looking forward to being able to buy from and promote a local food co-op in Racine.

  2. Jolie McKenna

    Please put me on your mailing list. I live dowtown in Racine and would be grateful for a decent store within bicycle range.

  3. Hi, Jill Willett here. I attended some of the first 2 or 3 meetings. It is encouraging to see that a grocery store will be opening. I would like to take part.
    Plus, there is an opportunity win money from a green organization in Chicago. I can send you website information. It is a contest. The contestan must write about thie green group.
    Jill Willett

  4. Talked with David Steinkraus from the Journal about your co-op plan last week–maybe he can help spread the word, find a site, whatever…

  5. Thank you, Mark. We have recently connected with David Steinkraus and he seems amenable to doing just that. Where ever we go, we are very pleased to find a receptive and eager public. The timing seems perfect!

  6. You have another supporter of your efforts. Let me know if I may be of any use.
    Thank you.

  7. Sonja Spinarski

    I am so inspired and thrilled to hear of something like this finally opening up near my hometown! I’ve been living in Seattle for the six years, and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to open up a co-op and/or local, sustainable restaurant in the downtown area of Kenosha. The communities in SE Wisconsin are surrounded by amazing organic farms, but there’s this fear that eating organically and locally will cost too much, or that (thanks to you, this will no longer be a problem) it is not readily available.

    The local economy will boom because of this… and the community will feel closer and healthier than ever. You are doing a truly remarkable thing here! Thank you for your dedication… and your mission towards a more conscientious community.

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