Eat Right Racine supports the idea of fresh food for everyone!

Eat Right Racine challenges the Racine community to support the efforts of Kathleen Ledwith in getting fresh food to the residents of HALO, Racine’s shelter for the homeless. Kathleen’s initiative, FRESH FOR HALO, has set goals to help HALO serve fresh fruit (starting with one serving a day) to the residents.

Kathleen is looking for groups, clubs, associations, and individuals to adopt a day per month for one year. Costs can not be guaranteed, but might range from $30 – $90 depending on the census at the shelter. (No preparation of the fruit is necessary).

If your youth group, sports team, book club, scout troop, church, family, or employee group is interested in adopting a day, please contact Kathleen Ledwith at 262-884-4919 or by e-mailing Don’t hesitate to contact Kathleen with further questions.

Please share this opportunity with anyone you may think would be interested. Thank you for your consideration of this important initiative.


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