Seed Season

Now that we are in the midst of winter, our mail box has been bursting at the seams with seed catalogs.  They are like little treasures in the mail.  The bright colors of all of the produce to be can be intoxicating to my eyes that have adjusted to the stark whites and dull greys of our landscape.

I thought that I would share a couple of our favorite seed companies that we frequent when we are looking for new and interesting veggies and amazing heirloom seeds.  The first is Seed Savers Exchange.  They are located in Iowa and you can get lost in all of the variety.  The descriptions they give all of the different products are so fun to read.  We have gotten a clothing catalog for years from “The Territory Ahead” and what is so fun about that magazine is the unique and quirky descriptions.  Seed Savers is very much in that idea.  We have had great luck with all of the seeds that we order.   A favorite that we plant every year are the “lazy housewife” green beans.  They grow to be almost 12 inches long are amazing fresh, produce an insane amount of fruit and what you can’t get to fresh leave on the vine and harvest dry!

Another great resource is the Main Potato Lady.  We found her last fall and all of our garlic, shallots and potato onions (which are nestled comfortable under the snow right now) are from her.  She also, has fun information that she sends with all of her products.  Many things you are limited on the number of sets and she is quite popular, so if you see something you want, grab it!

Seeds are an investment, but well worth it.  We have found that with many varieties we have enough seeds for a couple of seasons.  We have had great luck with germination and have not had a lot of waste due to “dud” seeds.  This last year we even did all of our potatoes from our previous years harvest, which we let some go to eye in the root cellar, divided, planted and had a strong harvest.

So, as you are doing your garden planning, enjoy the abundance of seed catalogs and check out a few new ones!



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