A CSA Farmer in the Making

It is 8 am on a Sunday.  My windows are down as I drive to the store in a pea soup like fog and listen to the birds call to one another through the mist.  Daniela ask me a couple weeks ago how I blog, do I stockpile writing and schedule posting.  I have never been able to write on demand.  A deadline does help, but I tend to wait until the words just come pouring out of me, in moments, like the one this morning, driving to the store.

The non-work week life of this wannabe CSA diva began two hours before my drive as I sipped coffee and rather than leisurely reading the paper, scoured the internet for solutions.  How do we deal with the darned asparagus beetles we just discovered?  What is the best recipe for the amazing bumper crop of rhubarb that is materializing?  Wow, clear plastic is better at warming up beds than black plastic!  My mind is spinning and B’s and my conversation is peppered with excited, yet exhausting, ideas of new things and lists of what needs to be done on what is left of this long holiday weekend, the traditional jumping off point for the season.

We have managed to get quite a lot of planting done in the last three weeks or so and Friday we finally emptied the rest of our basement greenhouse of plants.  This crazy cool, cloudy, and damp spring has delayed our cool weather crops, at least based on last year’s experience.  In total we have 144 plants in the ground (not including the 63 strawberries we added to the berry patch).  The rest of this weekend we will be adding more new raised beds; building trellis’ and direct seeding additional produce.  In this second year of creating farm boxes for friends, we have doubled our commitment and by the time we’re done will have doubled our garden space!  You can see the progress and varieties in our garden log.

I’ll stop back now and then to give you an update and share what we have learned.  We just modified some old wooden snow fence from the barn and made an awesome trellis~ repurpose!

Happy Sunday!

~ Amy


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