Coming Right Along

Late Summer Goodies to Be
Over the last few days we have harvested a couple of our beds of garlic, shallots, potato onions, and a few Brassicas.  It’s hard to believe that in the heat of what has turned into a lovely summer, we are thinking of fall crops, but that is the mind of a gardener.  We are planning and planting our fall root vegetables and will be prepping beds over the next couple of weeks for a fall round of greens and radishes.

The exciting things happening right now are the glimpses of all of the wonderful things to come.  All in different stages of ripening, where our season is so short, fall harvest is truly a blessing.  When everyone thinks summer melons are finished, ours will just be ready for harvest, right along with the pumpkins!  Don’t miss out on Racine’s first vegetable garden tour!  On August 13th,  stop by and say hi.

If you would like to read about our first experience with some garden pests this year check this out.



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