A Co-op in Racine!

Don’t miss out on a chance to be in on the ground floor of something big. The idea of a grocery store cooperative (co-op) came about when a small group of friends and associates began observing the wider and growing interest within the greater Racine area for a source for high-quality, clean, fresh, local food. On top of that, they learned there is an abundance of regional producers with food and other goods to offer that currently aren’t available for sale in the area. A co-op, they realized, could be just the kind of organization that would bring the producers and consumers together – for the economic benefit of both. You see, a co-op is a consumer-owned business that is used, controlled and supported by the people who shop there. And by becoming an owner and/or shopping regularly at the co-op, you invest your dollars in growing the local and regional economies and you have a say-so in how it’s run right down to what is found on the shelves.

To learn more, visit http://www.wildrootmarket.com


2 responses to “A Co-op in Racine!

  1. I just accepted a job offer in Racine and was researching food co-op’s which I would miss being from SE MN. Will this be open soon?

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