Lets Get Cultured!

Eat Right Racine Partners with Autism Solution Pieces

Tuesday, February 12th
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Careers Industries
4811 Washington Ave,
Racine, WI

Digestion, immunity, and mood are influenced greatly by a
balanced ratio of friendly flora within the gastrointestinal system.
These beneficial bacteria can be increased through customized
oral probiotics and a wide variety of fermented, cultured foods.
Join expert Dr. John Hicks as he presents the latest research on
creating a optimal, healthy balance of multiple probiotic strains to
support the endocrine system, enhance and enliven
neurotransmitter communication and eliminate pathogenic
biofilms. After this informative presentation, Betsy will
demonstrate a variety of ways to create fermented foods and
beverages the whole family will benefit from and enjoy.

International speakers Dr. John H. Hicks and Betsy Hicks are recently
published in Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism for their progressive and
instructional articles on Biofilms and Fermentation. They are the owners
of Elementals Living, a holistic health and wellness center in Delavan,
WI. Betsy is also the author of Picky Eating Solutions:Bringing the Joy of
Real Food Back to the Table

Space is limited, please RSVP
Cindy Schultz – 262-639-3041 or cindy4asp@gmail.com


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