About Eat Right Racine

Who and What is “Eat Right Racine”?

Eat Right Racine is a movement promoting education and awareness around food and food systems and the role they play in our overall health – as individuals and as a community.

Our purpose is simple. We want you to care about what Racine eats. We hope to inspire a shift in the way we all think about food: from thinking about where it came from; to how it affects our bodies, our community, and our economy; and to celebrate the culture and traditions of food.  We hope you’ll join us in helping Racine become a city that makes choices about food with awareness and responsibility.

Our Mission:

Eat Right Racine partners with community, business, agriculture, and schools to develop integrated policy, education, and action for a food system that supports healthy children, communities, economies and environment.

Our Goals:
  • We plan to address the growing disconnect between consumers and their food by teaching the residents of Racine how to find (and prepare) locally grown food or to connect them with resources to grow their own.  We organize monthly community education seminars at various locations.  We have also partnered with a group of private citizens who are working to bring a full-service, retail grocery co-op to Racine:  the Wild Root Market.  (www.wildrootmarket.com).
  • We plan to convene a group of people made up of members of the community, local government, businesses, agriculture and schools to investigate the likelihood of a Food Policy Council in support of a thriving community (in health and economy).

Please join us so we can make real changes in Racine. We need you to make it happen!

9 responses to “About Eat Right Racine

  1. Three cheers! Keep up the great efforts. The staff at Park High are working hard to bring their school/community garden to life. We plan to break…or rather pour ground this Tuesday and start planting within a week.

  2. When did this start? I need ideas to help me feed my children better. Its so confusing on what to buy.

  3. I love what you are doing! As a psychotherapist, I am always preaching about the importance of food choices for not only physical health but also emotional health. I will definitely be referring my clients to this site.

  4. Thank you for your feedback and support!
    Pamela– Check back often. We’ll soon be holding monthly meetings and we’ll talk more about healthy foods and what to buy/not to buy.

  5. So excited to share and learn from everyone!!
    Great things are happening. However, lots of work to do.
    Be part of the movement!!

  6. It is about time! Thank you Amanda and the others that started this organization. What an assest to our community, our children, ourselves, and Racine!

  7. greetings! congrats on last night’s success!

    as the mall’s general manager i’m writing to invite “eat right racine” to create a presence at regency mall.

    we’re very interested in providing a venue for ourselves and our customers to learn as much as we can about making healthy choices.

    please feel free to have one of your organizers or officers contact me to discuss your goals and how we might be able to create a win/win relationship.

    regards, curt pruitt

  8. Jill Willett

    Dan, As a former Park teacher, sub, 1967 alumni,I’m interested when Park does something like this. Do you need a volunteer?

    Whole Foods in Milwaukee is having a Harvest Festival on Sat., Oct. 24. Great ‘tasting’. Plenty of written material on food choices.