Who are we?

Eat Right Racine is a local movement working to inspire a shift in the way wcelebrate the culture and traditions of food; to make daily choices e think about food.  We hope to encourage Racinians to about food with awareness and responsibility; and to build community.

We’ve been around since February of 2009 and have already engaged the interest and support of local businesses, government, school leaders and private citizens.  We’ve held monthly workshops focusing on such topics as seasonal eating and healthy school lunches and we produced a food tasting and educational expo last July that attracted 300 people in two hours. We’re interested in food policy issues and have even partnered with private citizens to realize the development of a community food co-operative market in Racine!

The movers and shakers behind the work we do are many and varied – each person offering a unique set of skills, experiences, and interests that advance our primary goals.

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Our Crew is made entirely of volunteers:

Heidi Fannin has an uncontainable passion and excitement for food, exercise, and a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle and she is eager to share her philosophies broadly.  She has been working for almost 15 years in the field of health and wellness as a massage therapist and food coach right here in Racine.  Check out her website at http://www.bodywellnessbyheidi.com   She is also a local, small business owner:  Body Wellness by Heidi.  She recently completed a rigorous course of study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City incorporate nutritional counseling into her menu of services.    Heidi was raised in the midwest by Swiss natives who instilled in her the importance of simple, deliberate living.  She describes herself as a mother to two young children who has a strong interest in seeing our schools begin to offer healthier, fresher, less-processed foods to our children.  Heidi’s varied tasks include leading many of Eat Right Racine’s monthly educational seminars, facilitating business transactions between local growers and restaurants, and infusing almost everyone that she comes into contact with enthusiasm for healthy food.  Additionally, Heidi contributes recipes and blog entries to our website and chairs the Education & Membership Committee for the Wild Root Market – Racine’s future grocery co-op.

Tiffany Beherends is a small business owner, mother of two beautiful kids and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband.  She is an amazing cook who is passionate about healthy food and wants to help our community become healthier.   Tiffany is Heidi’s right hand woman!  Tiffany’s work with Eat Right Racine has been priceless.

Heather Meerschaert is a long-time Racine resident and became a part of Eat Right Racine  earlier this year.  She is passionate about whole living – the health of mind, body, & spirit.  Heather displays this passion in her work as a bellydance instructor as well as through her distributorship of USANA vitamin supplements and natural living products. Heather believes a healthier community is a happier place for all of us!

Lizz Fabel is a foodie who, in her spare time, loves to cook not only for people and specializes in tasty, healthful cooking – she’s built an independent, small business around this:  The Traveling Chef.  Lizz has shared her strong graphic design talent with Eat Right Racine as well as those culinary skills for our special events.  Her in-home cooking demonstrations range from the simple to the complex and are universally enjoyed by all.  The Traveling Chef also delivers Gourmet meals to you at your home.

Anonymous Graphic DesignerOur Eat Right Racine logo – the plate and utensils – has already become a well-known icon in the area and we’d like to thank the creator of this logo, but she wishes to remain anonymous.  We have no intention but to honor her humble request and, at the same time, feel so much gratitude and admiration that we want to advertise it here.

Joan Infusino

Maritza Byron

Melody Kloska

Matt Behress

Kathleen Ledwith

Kara Kading


Daniela Lehmkuhl shares the following with you about herself:  “My friends describe me as a renegade home cook.  Yes, a foodie that has been known to throw a few expletives around when the perfect flavor combination is achieved. I like recipes, but really love to open up my cupboard and fridge to experiment with what I’ve got lying around.  This is how my Dad operated in the kitchen and I owe him for inspiring my love of cooking.  I believe in cooking one meal for the entire family and leaving the job of short order cook to those that work in restaurants.  You don’t have to dumb-down your meals to please your children. Offering different, fresh, and nutritious meals to your kiddos will and can allow them to develop their palates… and also give you less of a headache.  I challenge everyone to celebrate the bounty of local and seasonal ingredients.  I find it to be a truly rewarding experience that can uplift your spirit, your health, and create priceless family sit-down meals that center around delicious conversation.

Amy Ray graduated from Kansas State in 1994 and got her MBA in 1998. After years in corporate America and 6 weeks after the birth of their daughter, Amy and her husband relocated to Racine when they had the opportunity to buy a local, small business in 2001.  (They own Belle City Veterinary Clinic).  Just over 3 years ago they moved from the city and bought a small farmstead. Amy and her husband have relished creating a large garden and raising a small flock of hens for eggs and have enjoyed teaching their kids about the merits of growing organic food and how it’s important to know where the food they eat comes from.


Colleen Wilkinson has a strong interest in the slow food movement and feeds her entire, busy family of five around the table – together – at least once a day. She does some organizational planning, writing, communications, and facilitated collaborative relationships with other community groups.  Colleen chairs the Steering Committee for the Wild Root Market – Racine’s future grocery co-op.

Amanda DeSonia is raising 3 young children at home and generally works to make sure their plates are full of delicious, healthy home cooking. She is also a champion of strong communities and civil service and has a list of accomplishments for the betterment of Racine that may lead people to believe she’s been here longer than five years: She founded Racine Family Club; she sits on the City’s Park and Rec Board; she has been a leader in many neighborhood initiatives, too. It’s no surprise that when Amanda and Heidi found common interest in the topic of nutrition and schools that stuff began to happen. Amanda was a great asset in the start up of Eat Right Racine.   Amanda’s interest in food – beyond the making and the eating – centers around food policy as it relates to our children and our economy. Amanda is largely responsible for the great success of our community food tasting and educational expo “Celebrate the Bounty of Racine County” last July 2009.

Stephanie Waite is a Science teacher with RUSD at Park High School and is a member of the school’s Health and Wellness Team as well as a developer of Park’s Outdoor Garden project.   Stephanie joined Eat Right Racine early and helped to shape many activities.  Stephanie worked tirelessly to pull off our first annual “Celebrate the Bounty of Racine County” Community Food Tasting and Educational Expo last July and provided guidance and topical contributions to our seminar titles.

Paula Rowland is also a teacher with RUSD who has a strong affinity for the mission and goals of Eat Right Racine.  She is especially passionate about issues around our corporate food system and the implications it has on the health of our children and our communities.  Paula’s early work with Eat Right Racine helped it to take shape and direction.

5 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Laura Retzlaff

    I would me very interested in becoming a community member, for this new and exciting Group..

    Looking forward to May 14th at 5:30 pm, at the Hopes Center, for the information sharing session..

    Thanks for this great opportunity to make a difference !


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  3. Our first large event was AMAZING. I am so deeply touched by all of the volunteers and attendance.
    It could not have been more perfect.
    A big thank you!!
    Changing the world– one event at a time………..:0)

  4. Heather Pugh

    Hi Heidi,
    I couldn’t make it your July event bc I had a haircut in Kenosha and it was my daughter’s 2nd b-day. Looked pretty awesome!

    When and where is your August meeting? I am also interested in seeing Food, Inc, is there any plans for a group to go?

    Let me know.

    Heather Pugh

    • Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner Heather!! We are planning to have Our First Thursday’s meeting Sept. 3rd. I will have all the details together by tomorrow. Have you joined us on facebook?