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Summer Recipe

Marinated Vegetables

Choose from some combination of the following vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, carrots, or green beans. Cut them small and marinade in a mixture of 1 cup lemon juice, 2/3 cup olive oil, and 2 teaspoons sea salt. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for twenty- four hours before serving.

Organic Eggs at Our Meeting!


If you would like to purchase local organic eggs on Wed. night, they will be available to buy at our meeting. Please bring $3.00 cash/per dozen.

Email eatrightracine@gmail.com to reserve your eggs.


Dustin at Racine Post reports that the meeting last Friday at DP Wigley had a massive turnout.  Heidi and Paula both attended (I had a sick kid and had to stay home) and were thrilled to witness the support people have for urban gardening in Racine.

This is exciting news for the urban gardening movement in Racine, and also for Eat Right Racine. There are many people in Racine who are excited and passionate about gardening, fresh foods, and healthy eating. We’re planning to build on this interest and hope you’ll join us on Thursday evening at the HOPES Center to learn more about Eat Right Racine.

Finally, check out this podcast about the Racine Urban Gardening Movement.

Where is your food from?

This is a fascinating website full of information on the food you eat, where it comes from, the hidden dangers it might contain, and what you can do to shop smarter.

If ever there was a reason to start(or continue) gardening, or if you need that extra push to get to one of Racine’s local Farmer’s Markets this summer, this might be it.

Community Gardens at Park High School

This information comes from Principal Dan Bieser at Park High School. We’re very excited to see this project take shape and can’t wait to get involved. Please read on for more about this Community Garden here in Racine and how to contribute to this worthy cause.

“Our project involves the creation of a holistic vegetable garden on
property adjacent to  Washington Park High School.  The property
includes five fenced in and abandoned tennis courts that the City of
Racine Parks and Recreation Department has unanimously approved for ouruse.  The courts will be converted into a series of raised bed vegetable and fruit gardens.  The food harvested from the garden by students will be distributed as food stuffs to poor students and community members. Students will assist with the planning and design, recruitment of volunteers, fundraising, construction, planting and maintenance of the garden.

Last week we broke ground on our garden with the laying of wood chips on the surface of one of the tennis courts.  We hope to have our first load of soil delivered this week and the garden rows will begin to take shape.  Planting should start in a few weeks when there is no fear of frost.

The objectives of the project are to increase access and decrease cost
for healthy foods available to Washington Park High School students and community members.  The 2200 students, 200 faculty and staff, and local low-income community members will benefit from the project.  The garden will be a hands on learning laboratory for students to practice and enhance their skills in math (Square Foot Gardening), business (selling and marketing vegetables), and horticulture/science (learning sustainable agriculture, health and ecology).  The objective of self sustainability will be achieved through the direct sale of produce using food shares.  Funds may also be generated through the sale of vermiculture compost, zucchini and other quick breads, and pasta / salsa sauces by our school cooking classes.  Our final objective will be to build community through partnerships that we have developed with Master Gardeners of Racine, City of Racine Parks and Recreation,Eat Right Racine, a parent organization, (www.angrymoms.org ), and Knapp Elementary which has 10 teachers and many students interested in our project.

Our project is unique due to its urban setting in the heart of Racine, the involvement of low income and 400 special education students, the minimal investment and great potential to impact the health and education of thousands of people, and the unique use of vermiculture gardening and composting to heat the hoop houses and extend the growing
season year round.

We are most in need of TOP SOIL, Plants, seeds, garden tools and cash donations.  Dan Bieser may be contacted at Park High School for further information and to donate, please call  262-619-4405.”