The Supper Club

The Supper Club is made up of four women who are welcoming an experience with food and community that feeds a very different hunger than that which is satisfied by what’s on our plate.  This isn’t a new or original idea, by any means; but one we wanted to showcase here to draw attention to the culture of food in your own home.   And, perhaps, inspire you to ask whether food and its preparation is leading you into a fuller life.

Our time together every other week is spent cooking a meal or components of a meal that we each take home to our families at the end of the day.  We spend about three hours together – give or take  – and do lots more than prep and cook. It is a creative, generative experience that  has us sharing and delighting in an abundance of satisfaction.   It is an experience that is calling each of us into the fullness of our own being.

2 responses to “The Supper Club

  1. Great are lucky to share the joy of cooking and so much more with friends.

  2. this sounds so amazing. Are you open to expanging your group? My husband loves to cook and experiment with foods in the kitchen. recently he lost his sight due to diabetic complications, but now is regaining it back from surgery and changing up his eating habits. When his sight fully recovers, I’m sure he, and I, would love to learn more about dishes you all came up with and shae in the fellowship!

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