Amy Ray graduated from Kansas State in 1994 and got her MBA in 1998. After years in corporate America and 6 weeks after the birth of their daughter, Amy and her husband relocated to Racine when they had the opportunity to buy a local, small business in 2001.  (They own Belle City Veterinary Hospital).  Just over 3 years ago they moved from the city and bought a small farmstead. Amy and her husband have relished creating a large garden and raising a small flock of hens for eggs and have enjoyed teaching their kids about the merits of growing organic food and how it’s important to know where the food they eat comes from.

2 responses to “Tid-bites

  1. Kathleen L Bentz

    As I was surfing the channels last night, ( Fri. Feb. 11,2011) I came across “Eat Right Racine” on Car 25. The three girls caught my eye as they were talking about food and recipes. I loved the show! It was so down to “earth”. Each one made their recipe, one chili, and many from one turkey breast. as well as the oatmeal in a crockpot. They were very easy and comforting recipes. However, I can’t find the recipes on the web. Can you please show me where to find them? I would also be interested in the next meeting. This all takes me back to “home”. I have been hungry to eat right as well as cooking right. Unfortunetly, we have been eating fast food a lot. I am a diabetic and I try to eat salads and maybe a burger with only half a bun, but I need help. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for the great show. I’m so glad I found you.
    A Foodie,

    • Thank you so much Kathleen!
      We had much fun doing the show and look forward to doing more! Recipes will be posted.
      We have a meeting every first Thursday of the month. You can find the information on this site as to where and
      what its about (we really try to be diverse!) Also, join us on facebook and please, tell your friends!!

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